Bucket List.

Get Married.
Travel to Ireland.
Own real pearls.
Travel to Hawaii.
Swim in a Hawaiian waterfall.
Have my own pool.
Stand under a waterfall and have a sexy picture taken :-).
Own a piece of Tiffany's Jewelery.
Shop in New York City.
Travel to Italy and eat gelatto.
Travel to the Bahamas.
Run a marathon.
Go on a month long road trip.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Stay in the Historic Downtown Charleston.
Travel to California.
Own a professional grade camera.
Find a job that I love.
Learn to play an instrument.
Learn to dance.
Make an impact on someones life.
Have my pictures on display/for sell in an art gallery.
Go horseback riding.
Go para-sailing.
Travel to all the beautiful Old Southern Cities- Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, Birmingham, Beaufort, New Bern.
See a Dolphin in the wild.

Will add more as I think of them......