Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Post.....Here Goes....

Well I picked an interesting day to start a blog! Today was my first visit to the amazing Biltmore Estate, lived here all of my 25 years and today was the first visit! It was beyond my wildest expectations, I pictured a nice[huge] house and a small garden, 2 maybe 3 hrs of exploring tops.....not the case it was a full 8 hrs with the spectacular gardens, the awe inspiring house, the shops, the dining experience..... I cant think of the words to describe everything there, and we didn't even manage to do it all we missed out on the stables and petting zoo . I can't thank Jane Dean enough for taking me! We did the wine tasting and I brought my honey home some of there yummy brown ale. I completely want to get Joe and I season passes , they have miles and miles of walking/biking/jogging trails that are beautiful, fishing, kayaking all sorts of outdoor adventure stuff!  Loved the fact that after the amazing day I had I could come home to a big hug and kiss from my Joe, since he has been in GA all weekend riding motocross...I missed him sooooo much! Well I'm new this whole blogging thing so maybe I'll try again tomorrow!

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  1. Sara, the Biltmore is a beautiful place. If you can get the pass it will be money and time well spent. I also had a wonderful time. If you want to go back and send time at after work or on the weekend, just let me know.