Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Do you ever have those days where your dreams seem so far away that no matter how hard you try, how many steps you take forward....you never gain any ground. Thats how I've been feeling lately, like all I do is watch everyone else achieve the things I've been fighting for and not even appreciate what they have. I'm even more tired of feeling sorry for myself and I'm trying to find the silver lining to my clouds so todays blog is going to be a list of the things I have that make me truly happy, I hope this inspires someone else to look for the good things in life instead of wallowing in the bad and if it doesn't well at least I made myself feel better.

1. Family that cares, not just my own Family but the extended Dean Family as well. I know that I have a number of wise people that I can count of for most anything...even just a phone call.
2. My Joe Dean, the love of my life, my rock....enough said.
3. A good job, true I don't love it and most days I hate it, but its a good job and more then a lot of people have these days.
4. The chance to further my education.
5. A beautiful house.
6. A super cute doggie.
7. Moments of absolute undiluted happiness....be it on the back of a bike with Joe, in the hammock with a good book, a hug from my Momma or throwing a ball for Ms. Doggie. I need to learn to savor those moments...we all do.
Thats my words of wisdom for now....Savor the good and look beyond the bad.

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