Friday, May 27, 2011

Its Friday.....and I am outta here!

As of 5:30 pm today I will be heading to Southern Girl Heaven! Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point Georgia.
Got the bikes loaded in the truck, pulling the camper, got the grilled packed and friends meeting us there for 3 days of camping, riding, drinking and a lil hell raisin!
Also I have a bikini so I can work on my tan and a bag of new books...ohh life is going to be sooo good!

Our Little Family.

My First Real Jump.
Joe and I riding together.

Shooting a few guns.

Joe doing what he does best!

Resting and of course working on my tan...I do multitask sometimes.

Durhamtown is quite possibly my very favorite place on earth.

Be back Monday Night and I'll tell ya all about it!
Have a great weekend and be blessed!

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