Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a weekend!!!

On Friday right after work we left for Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point Ga. Redneck heaven!!! Two awesome days of riding, drinking, shooting guns, laying in the sun and reading books!
I was in heaven, on Saturday morning we met up some with good friends Lee and Rhonda, did a little riding till Joe blew a head gasket on his bike. Afer some DirtbikeDoctor magic and a little luck that they had his part in stock we were back on  the trails.
While Joe was wrenching it up I decided to work on my tan a bit....later on in the day I learned from a DP employee that the word had got out on there cb's and every male employee there had to cruise past and check me out, lol loved it!!
Got cleaned up and had dinner with Lee and Rhonda, there hunting and gathering skills are impressive we had fried wild turkey that Rhonda shot herself and fresh caught blackened catfish. My additions to the meal were some fresh corn on the cob, honey cornbread and a homemade from scratch crust and all key lime pie! We ate ourselves sick, went for a walk in the moonlight with Joe...sigh! Sunday we did the poker run and I have to say my riding skills have much improved! Yay Me! Joe and I both got slightly crappy poker hands but we both won neat shirts in the raffle shot the .22 a few rounds, grilled some dinner and met up with some other friends Eric and conned into some yaeger......ewww owww tummy ache.
Packed up Monday morning and after the 4hr drive home went and layed by the pool for awhile then out to dinner with the Deans for Joe's Dads birthday. When your tummy is already very angry about alcohol don't eat Thai food...and that brings us to today after a full 8 and a half hr work day my tummy is still killing me. Oh well all and all an amazing weekend!!!!!

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