Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 Things on Friday.....belated.

So I tryed to post this last night but my laptop decided it wanted a drink of my beer and then turned off, on a good note Joe took it apart[yay computer science major] and let it dry out so it works again!
anyways heres my 5 on Friday!
Heres my 5 on Friday.!

1. Its two days of small screaming child free bliss!
2. Great week for my bargain shopping.
Cant wait to get my very first pair of Sperry's...the perks of having little feet, I ordered the kids size! Can I tell you how much I love Ruelala!!
They will go perfectly with my Pink Burberry Polo Dress I found at a local consignment shop!
3. Family Reunion tomorrow...lookin forward to that.
4. Drinks with They Honey and a couple of friends tonight!
5. Lazy Sunday this Sunday!
                                            Go check out Ruelala...they Have Lilly Pulitzer and Sperrys today!  
                                                  my link to Ruelala....

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