Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glad this week is over!

On Wednesday I tried posting a blog about how my life was starting to go in a good direction, well that afternoon on my break from work I went to go pick up motorcycle parts for Joe. Started to go right on red since the lane I was pulling into was completely clear as I did that the jerk in the other lane merged into mine in the middle of the intersection wtf right?
I stepped on the gas as hard as my little Toyota would go she revved up and took off, for a second....then came a nasty noise and she just stopped, the other jerk barely and I do mean fractions of inches missed the rear end of my car then flipped me off and went on. I coasted into a housing development kinda... a good bit of the back end of my car was still on Hendersonville Rd. Joe is an hour and a half away playing golf with his Dad for Fathers Day and cant come help.....aahhhhh! So two nice people helped me push my car in front of a house, the owners of the house said "yes honey its fine to leave it there till some one can come get it" and then one of my very nice co-workers came and took me back to work. My Momma came and picked me up and took me home and then Joe went and got poor little Lara the Solara.

This is what I've been driving for the last two days.

How went spent Thursday Night.
And how lucky am I to have a man who has the knowledge and cares enough to do all this?!

Got it all out...Engine, Transmission, Both Wheels and Axel's.

And found the problem....a broken fly wheel, $25 bucks at our local junkyard!

Hopefully I'll have Little Lara back by next Wednesday! 
Just in time for Summer Break!!

                   Now to add insult to injury on Wednesday Rulala emailed me to tell me that they canceled my Sperry sad, but if the cant get them I guess oh well. And I did get a $10 credit towards a future purchase as well as my money back. :-( oh well. Now we are off to enjoy the weekend, ride some motorcycles and see family from Indiana! 

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