Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Awesome Weekend!!!!!

We will start with Friday Night, Date night...sorry no pics forgot oops.
Got all dressed up and went downtown Dinner at 151 yummy, then checked out downtown after 5.
Way to much hippie b.o funk so we went and met up with Daren and Bekah for drinks!
Saturday morning started preparing for the big ride, went and saw my Papaw, then home to clean more.
Tried to go to the pool with Nikki but we ended up getting there as a HUGE storm rolled in.
Got home to find that Joe's friends were starting to arrive...and then the mayhem begins....

This was my driveway.....

My front yard...proud to say the bike with the pink numbers is mine.

Lots of drunken mayhem made for a fun fun night.

Then Sunday morning the boys headed out for there ride and I headed to Lake Keeowee with Jane and John.

Got home not long after Joe, hung out while all his buddys packed up then we ended the weekend by just relaxing in the bed.

What a great weekend!!!!!

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