Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wow its been awhile!

So its been a week since I've blogged been busy doing vacation stuff and just enjoying life!

We'll start with last Thursday after work we headed to Greer SC to the Greer Dragway.
Joe's dads 69 Cougar.

Friday was possibly the longest day of work ever since it was the last day before vacation....Friday night Joe and I grilled steaks and watched Breakfast at Tiffanys...sigh!!!

Saturday cookout with my family and then headed to Lake James with Joe and Nikki!!

Where we rode around the lake and Nikki to some amazing pics of me!

                                                          And we saw an amazing sunset.

Sunday we loaded up the jeep with all the camping supply's and headed out to Sapphire, NC and The Gorges State park where we 4-wheeled in and camped on the Horse Pasture river.

Our Campsite on the River.

Did some fishing.

The water was so warm so we just swam, played and tanned all day.
Just as we packed up camp a nasty storm rolled in and no sooner then we put the tent in the jeep and got the top up it started hailing.

Headed home and on the way stopped and did one of the little gem mining stands to fun and got some pretty rock including, Emeralds Sapphires and Rubys.

Came home cleaned up and went to Lake Julian to watch the fireworks!

An amazing weekend all in all!!!!!

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