Monday, August 8, 2011

What a Great Weekend!!!

Friday night started with a motorcycle ride to MR Honda for bike night and then out to Papa's and Beer!
Tried to sleep in a bit on Saturday after Joe left to go ride his supermoto with Blair but Piper wasnt having that at all!

Went to the Swannanoa MX track watched Joe for a bit then let with Mom to get Aunt Becky to cut my hair!

While I was at my grandparents it started raining very very hard, the steps at my grandparent get very slick when it rains ......and I fell down them. OUCH!!
Banged myself up quite a bit!

After my hair did we came home Joe made some awesome hamburgers we watched a little bit of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas! love that movie, then got ready and headed downtown for Joe's somewhat belated 31st bday celebration.
Got to wear my very first Lilly Pulitzer dress for the first time!!

Had an awesome time with some great friends!!
Bekah and I.

Me and the Birthday Boy

Home, snuggletime bed.

Sunday morning Joe made breakfast, then we went and ran a few errands.

Hiked in towards Triple Falls and did some swimmin, layin in the sun and just relaxing.

Forgot to take any aleve with me and by the time we hiked back to the jeep I was feeling my tumble down the steps pretty bad.

Came home made dinner and watched the rest of Best Little Whorehouse, love that movie!

All in all it was a great weekend!!!

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