Saturday, September 17, 2011

So long....

Its been awhile since I posted, a crazy busy, hectic, stressful while.
Since I posted last we decided which Realtor was going to sell our house and we had to get it ready to put on the market, so my labor day weekend was a weekend full of labor.....lots of it in fact.
But the house looks amazing so lets hope someone buys it!
I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am to be getting a house with Joe, a house that's just ours....just Joe, myself and Ms.Doggie.
No roommates, no left over memories and junk from an exwife.......just US!
I cant wait to decorate my own house, go antiquing for just the perfect hutch for the kitchen....its going to be so amazing!
Now a midst all this crazyness there has been some time for fun!
The Saturday before labor day I went to a baby shower with some very lovely ladies that I now feel I have the pleasure of calling my friends, and then went out downtown that night to celebrate the birthday of one of those ladies!
Last Saturday Joe went to VA, to go ride a trackday and my favorite cousin/ little sister came over to have a girls night and go shopping!

My little sister.

Had a blast cooked dinner, watched movies, talked all night.
Then Sunday we went shopping went to my first Lilly Pulitzer via storePalm Village
Loved it!!! Got a Iphone cover in Luscious and matching agenda!

After some serious thought and having to put gas in it twice already I have decided that I am going to let Joe sell the Blazer and keep my nice quiet, smooth riding and  very cheap on gas Solara.
It was going to be around $200 more a month to drive the Blazer in gas alone!

Last night we bundled up as it was only 45degrees out and went to the WNC Mountain State Fair!!!
So much fun! We met up with my coworker and friend Rebecca and her husband Brian.
on the ION!

On the Scrambler!

Ate fried oreo's Yummy!
and went home lol....

Who knows what the rest of the weekend has in store for us!

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