Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hardest thing ever......

I've been a horrible blogger... haven't had the time to sit down and put my thoughts on here.

But something has happened that I need to release a bit of the hurt from.... on Tuesday Nov 1st, I got the worst news I've ever received, around noon Joe called me at work to tell me our fur baby Piper had been hit by a car and killed. I went into shock...Joe was inconsolable and all I wanted to do was go to him and hold him. See Piper was with Joe 24/7 she went to work with him, slept under his desk, went to job sites and slept in the same bed they were never apart for more then a day. Now Piper and I had a love/ hate kinda relationship...mostly love......I really really loved her and I have never been a dog person before her....and now she's gone and the person I love more then anything is in so much pain and I am stuck at work....I found out and noon and couldn't leave work till 4:30, and as bad as I was hurting for Piper it was killing me to know Joe was alone with this.
Pretty much everyone at work was super supportive and gave me several shoulders to cry on which I did and have for the last couple of days....thank you Rebecca, Susan, Tina and Cynthia most of all.

To know I'll never feel her little feet stepping on me or hear her little buffing noise when she wanted a bite of my food is almost unbearable. Those were two of the things she did that annoyed me the most and now I would give almost anything to have them back. I never knew something so small could leave a hole in you so big. I keep seeing reflections in the window and my heart stops for a second wishing it was her.....I almost cried in the grocery store buying frozen pizza when it hit me I couldn't give doggie the crust. We are going camping this weekend and its going to be so hard without her, if I'm hurting this bad I cant even imagine how hard it is for Joe and if I could take all the pain for him I would without hesitation. She was such a huge part of me I never even realized how big until she was gone.
Helping Joe bury her was the single most difficult and heartbreaking thing I have ever had to do, she wasn't just my dog she was like my child. We went so many places and did so much with her....The Outer Banks, Charleston, Edisto Island, she herded the wild horses to us in the OBX, Chased squirrels in Charleston and Barked at fish on Edisto, we went camping and four wheeling, to the lake...she even went all the way to Indiana with us...I know we gave her the best life a dog could ever have.....i just wish it hadn't been cut short. I absolutely loved being Piper's Mommie.

RIP Piper Dean.....I'll miss you more then I ever thought possible.

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